Looking down at the empty vessel, it becomes my blank canvas, waiting patiently to be filled by nature’s best. Design is my art and my means of becoming and remaining creatively awake
— Diana Thale - Owner/Executive Designer

Flowers are a pure force of nature. They remind us to look around, appreciate color, natural landscape, and the force of goodness behind living in the moment with intention. They gently demand from us a sense of curiosity, wonder, and a slower pace of life. They don’t compete with each other, merely blooming when prompted to do so. They dance in fields, sway in symphony, and have inspired the most renowned artists, musicians, composers, and not to mention centuries of kings and queens. My personal journey began with a queen indeed…my mom.

            As far back as I can remember, she gently taught me to dig the holes, sprinkle the seeds, and taught me their names, preferred climates, and which varieties were resilient and temperamental. The garden was her escape, and still is today. As much as I traveled, learned other trades, and studied, I subconsciously knew life would make a full circle, as it usually does. After years of wandering, I ended up back by her side, in the garden, where I of course continue to learn, seek, explore, and yes, dig holes.

            My exploration into floral design started on a whim – a chance on myself, a desire to take the gardening into the studio and get the flowers chatting in a different way. Thriving in a community such as Tahoe/Truckee has enabled me to venture far beyond that whim. This supportive, innovative, courageous community I have called home for my business for 20+ years and counting, has all the qualities that the art of floral design truly demands…slow down, choose wisely, listen, and let the flowers do the talking. My studio has been featured in numerous top editorials, such as Brides magazine, the Knot, and Style Me Pretty. I have been asked to be the executive designer for world-renowned companies in the Tahoe/Truckee area, and remain on the top wedding vendor lists of several honorable venues and production companies. Even with the passage of time and thousands of weddings behind me, I still remain grounded with steadiness, rooted graciously in the clients, family, & friends that keep me designing and challenge me to go deeper. The artistry of design has brought me closer to my community, my purpose, my family, and keeps my roots in my beginnings.

            Life is about now, and flowers remind us to appreciate the day, even the moment we’re in. This is my approach to designing – diving into the moment and taking the time to seek and listen carefully. Life’s most important moments can be collected in our hands, and flowers are most likely present – still inspiring the most prestigious brides, clients, and kings and queens of the present day.