The purpose of a designer is to take the expectation and exceed it.

Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area brings wedding couples from around the world, planning their wedding, their vision, and their beginning. We love being a part of that beginning, working closely alongside designers, visionaries, and vendors – collaborating and joining forces to bring all the goodness together and exceed expectations. Our boutique-style studio takes a hand-full of custom, bespoke weddings each season, choosing our available dates and clients as carefully as we hand-pick their blooms. Traveling to local markets and farms, and speaking personally with many of the farmers themselves, I’ve learned (and continue learning) about the art behind the scenes and the hard-work and dedication it takes to provide such amazing flowers. This is half the journey, and one of my favorite parts of planning a color and design aesthetic for a wedding.

Life for me and my incredible staff (friends) is all about balance – work hard + play hard. Luckily, designing with the freshest, organic, locally-grown blooms available, we venture into the best of both worlds. We dive in head first when we plan, create, visualize, and design for your wedding…and then follow up with incredible installs, centerpieces, and ceremony settings for some play. 

Kindly contact us for available 2020/2021 dates. $6.5K minimum for local events | Additional travel fees apply for destinations.