Upcoming Events

Cultivating Community…one stem at a time.

To take gardening, designing, and artistry and cultivate it into the community I love, creates an art form within itself. I offer a handful of workshops a year, connecting with individuals from near and far, teaching them about the art and relaxation behind floral design. It is always a privilege and is rooted in the heart of what I believe and create. Watching others walk away with something beautiful they created with their own hands and the satisfaction it brings, makes my purpose even more enduring.

“Pop Up” = “Spontaneous, appearing bravely without expectation, a pleasant surprise

We also have several “pop up flower bars” at various times during the spring, summer, & fall seasons, venturing to locations and shops around the community we love and admire. Come by for organic, locally grown flowers that are unique, wrapped with our signature style, and fabulous. Support Local!

Check the blog and our Instagram for updates, locations, and details. Register quickly for workshops, spaces are limited. Look forward to seeing you there…